Carimera is Allmedica’s first direct-to-consumer product that focuses on ailments that consumers are reluctant to discuss openly. This specialized sub-brand will focus solely on constipation. The brand was launched in June 2021 and the products are currently sold directly online.

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Logo design
Visual brand identity
MVB brand book
Website and shop design
Various print and online assets
Art direction illustrations


Christian Pietrzok
Natalia Bulashenko


Carimera’s minimum viable brand was developed during a brand positioning workshop conducted with the Project A brand and communications team. As part of this process, we were tasked with creating Carimera’s visual brand identity.

The target audience was skewed towards women aged 35 and up, so the brand needed to exude the personality of an approachable and trustworthy expert on the subject of constipation—an expert that not only offers extensive advice, but also a discreet solution to their problems.

Aside from the brand identity, we were also responsible for designing the advisor website and the online shop. On top of that, we also provided art direction for the packaging of the two Carimera products and we created various print and online assets.


The result is a modern, unobtrusive visual identity that uses soft colours and elegant typography to differentiate the brand from the many existing competitors.

We chose to eschew the design approach commonly seen in pharmaceutical marketing and lean more towards the visual identity of a lifestyle product. This allowed us to soften some of the solemnity associated with subject of constipation and to create an identity that was less likely to evoke negative emotions in customers who were dealing with this sensitive issue.

This approach is reflected in the muted colour palette, the elegant typography and the illustrations by Martin Schumann, an illustrator who collaborated with us on the project. These illustrations allowed us avoid the stereotypical stock images that are overused in the market. Our solution aims to ease the sensitivity around the subject and make the customer feel more comfortable and at ease when considering a purchase.

IllustrationsMartin Schumann

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