PAKCon 2021

Every year, we create the brand identity for the Project A Knowledge Conference (PAKCon) which is an annual day-long conference for anyone who is interested in digital innovation, venture capital, and entrepreneurship. Experts from every area of digital operations share their insights and best practices in a hybrid on-site and online format.




Visual brand identity
Motion graphics
Online and on-site assets
design and realisation


Christian Pietrzok
Natalia Bulashenko
Helin Ulas


We were asked to create a visual brand identity for PAKCon 2021. That year’s motto was “The Art Of Dissent”, which we were to use as inspiration when developing the identity. It also needed it to be flexible enough for both online and print assets. On top of the identity, we also created digital assets for the communication channels and produced and implemented on-site print assets for the event (such as banners and posters).


Our idea was to create a modular visual communication solution that still reflected 2021’s motto. The PAKCon letters were abstracted as part of the modular design process, then applied as visual elements throughout the process. The abstracted letters invite a playful approach to the identity and provide a simple, inviting, curious and informative solution to the requirement for a large and varied range of assets for the day-long event.

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Natalia Bulashenko

Head of Design