Profian is a security company that provides products and services in the Confidential Computing space. The company is committed to open source software and its products are based on the open source project ‘Enarx’. Profian allows companies to deploy existing cloud-­native applications to confidential computing environments without having to redesign or recompile them.

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Logo design
Visual brand identity
MVB brand book
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Website design and realization


Christian Pietrzok
Natalia Bulashenko
Ly Nguyen


We were tasked with creating Profian's visual brand identity, as part of the minimum viable brand process. As a starting point, we looked at the outcomes of a brand positioning workshop that our Brand and Communications team ran with Profian. The visual brand identity needed to translate the brand's personality as an approachable authority and reflect its core principles of ­integrity, openness, security, and transpa­rency. In addition to the brand identity, we were also responsible for creating and realizing Profian's website.


We came up with an identity that revolves around the idea of a ‘digital safe space’ for sensitive data in an untrusted environment. However, we didn't want to rely on overused, stereotypical security visuals. All elements of this identity underline the brand's self-perception as an approachable authority. The lean color palette of mainly black and white is complemented by a sprinkle of energetic green. In keeping with the spirit of Profian's open source approach, we use freely available fonts for the typography.

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Natalia Bulashenko

Head of Design