PAKCon 2022

Each year, Project A runs the PAKCon — a one-day, in-person conference for everyone involved in the world of startups and venture capital. The goal of the conference is to connect founders, operators, and corporations, and ultimately bring the European tech ecosystem to the next level.




Event brand identity
Web design
Social media assets
On-location assets
Merchandise production
Motion graphics


Christian Pietrzok
Ly Nguyen
Helin Ulas
Katherine Gorbova


For the year of 2022, PAKCon needed a new visual identity and an array of print & digital materials to promote the event and guide the visitors throughout it. This includes the event website, various social media assets, motion graphics, merchandise and branding of the event location.


We approached the project with flexibility and scalability in mind, as our goal was to make the identity easily and fast applicable on both digital and physical environments. This resulted in the reduced black, white, and orange colour palette, rooted in one of Project A’s secondary colours and the combination of two highly contrasting font weights. As the event took place at a cinema, we also drew inspiration from the cinematic environment and also created themed assets, like popcorn buckets and movie posters for the “headliner” sessions.

Event photosAnia Berak

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Natalia Bulashenko

Head of Design